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A wise man once said “the only thing constant in life is change” If we’re open to learning, that change can be constant teacher.  In fact since being mired in the rut of old habits leads to inflexibility and stagnation we should not only accept change but actively seek it.    We need to let go of the past realizing that today isn’t yesterday.  We need to keep trying new things and congratulate ourselves when we find way to break the threatened monotony. 

It pays to be genuine, to be true to ourselves.  If we’re not honest with ourselves how can we possibly be honest with others?  Authenticity implies a willingness to accept what we are and not attempt to pass for something else.  Authenticity means not only trusting our strengths but also facing our weaknesses and being patient with our imperfections.

While authenticity is grounded from within, it affects our every interaction; it’s like a diamond that scratches all other stones.  If we’re authentic, we inspire confidence in others.  We heighten the spirits of those around us.  We’re empathic friends and great listeners.  By paying attention to others, showing genuine concern, we provide containment and thereby create a holding environment.  That safe place that helps people cope with conflict and anxiety. 

Be kind to others, humble about your efforts, nurture the spirit of generosity.  At the heart of authenticity is sincerity, if we’re authentic we abhor hypocrisy in self and other, we’re credible and trustworthy.  In fact it’s authenticity that makes trust possible.  The trust we put in ourselves permits us to place trust in others.  Anyone can steer the boat in calm seas.  It’s when it gets choppy and beyond that that the real leader appears.

Authenticity isn’t a gift; it’s something that’s acquired.  It’s the culmination of learning from many hardships.  As the saying goes no mistakes, no experience, no experience, no wisdom!  Being authentic and possessing wisdom are like sister and brother, they reinforce and build on each other.  The willingness to look into the self is a necessary condition of acquiring wisdom.

Self-reflection can be hard work indeed.  It’s not easy to find out what we’re all about.  We have a great capacity to delude ourselves.  We’re often defensive and composed of many resistors.  If we conquer ourselves we conquer all. 

We all need time for self-reflection, for reasons of personal development, to think about what we’ve done and what we’re doing.  We need time to play with our imagination, we need time to dream.  It’s been said that an unexamined live isn’t worth living.  We could equally well say that an unlived life isn’t worth examining.  If we’re serious about the pursuit of authenticity and leadership, we have to make the journey worthwhile, cherishing each moment.  As the emperor Marcus Aurelius noted “It’s not death a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live”


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