Four Walls Theory

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As my career has grown, I have become a student of business in general and specifically the airline business. Most, experiencing declining sales, are focused on all the outside reasons for poor performance. The ‘economy’, Covid, fickle consumer, rising cost, and the tired team. Nothing seems to have changed these were the same problems identified when I first joined the work force, in the early 80’s.  Today’s answers are no more creative than those of several decades ago. DISCOUNT, ADVERTISE AND/OR REMODEL and make excuses but don’t take responsibility and look inside the four walls at product, service and cleanliness.

Four Walls Theory teaches us to look to ourselves and inside our four walls of operation, literally or metaphorically for the answers. While monitoring many, “looking in all the wrong places” I am also happily monitoring some great success stories. The differences are dramatic.


I threw in a picture of Tadich’s Grill in San Francisco. Like my car wash it’s older but clean, un remodeled but charming, GREAT FOOD and long lines since 1849!

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