Loyalty comes down to four rules

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Loyalty comes down to acing four rules:

  1. Be transparent

At some point, each of us will “screw up.” These days, that “screw up” will be common knowledge in  six minutes.

To combat that, be transparent. Own your mistake and move on!

  1. Be relevant

If you could boost revenue by a third and, at the same time, cut operational costs by a half, your boss would buy you a “really, really good beer.”

The secret to scoring that level of gratitude isn’t much of a secret, It’s just something we ignore too frequently:  Relevance.

With people becoming fractured audiences distracted by several different channels of communication, the most important step to being relevant is engaging peoples on the channels they prefer.

Find out what channel that is, you need to ask questions, lot of them!

Less than 10% of us actually engage people in this way. And this comes at a time when you have more ways than ever to ask them those questions.

If you engage, people are “going to shock you with their answers.

Because they’re nothing like what you thought!

  1. Be brief

A recent study showed that the average attention span  is 2.7 seconds.  If you can’t relay your message in that time period, you need to work on your non-verbal communication skills.

One in two of us have a spelling or grammar error in their content.  It’s good for “LOLz,” but not for engagement!

Be brief, and don’t be relegated to “LOLz” status.

  1. Be top of mind

Being top of mind is important today, people have more choices than ever. It’s easy for them to forget you!

It’s too easy for people to abandon loyalty: It used to take three weeks and five visits to switch banks.  

Today? You can do that online with a click of a button.

Be amazing to the people you know. They’ll give you the people you want!

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